Booking on YatraGenie

Do I need to register to use YatraGenie?
  No. Registration is not required to use any of our services. However, registration might help you get special offers and information on our other activities.

Does YatraGenie charge any booking/service fee?
  No. There are no charges for booking a ticket with us.

Why do some buses have different prices for different seats?
  This pricing difference is often dependent on the value of the seat. The pricing can be different for,
  • Seater and sleeper seats,
  • A/C and non A/C seats and
  • different seat positions.
What mandatory information should be provided at the time of booking?
  All fields shown in the booking details form are required. We need your mobile number and email id to contact you with your booking information and other updates. The other information is required to identify yourself at the time of boarding.

What do I do if my tickets are not received?
  In the unlikely event that you do not receive your tickets via email after successful booking, you can try reprinting the ticket by entering your ticket ID and email address on our "Print/Cancel Ticket" page. If your ticket is not found here, please contact us at our 24 X 7 support center and we will help you out.

What do I do if my tickets are not booked after completion of payment?
  For any ticket booking failure after payment processing, YatraGenie will show the reason for the failure. If you get a payment failed error, please check you provided correct credentials while processing payment and that you have sufficient balance in your account. If you suspect that the payment has been debited from your account and the ticket has not been booked, please contact our 24 X 7 support center and we will help you out.

What do I do if my SMS confirmation/mTicket was not received?
  You can always resend your SMS confirmation by using the "Resend SMS" page of our application. To receive mTicket again, please contact our 24 X 7 support center.


Can I cancel my booked ticket?
  Cancellation is possible till 4 hours before actual journey time. You can cancel the ticket by providing the ticket ID received at the time of booking and your email id in the "Print/Cancel ticket" page. You will be asked for a One Time Authentication (OTA) code that will be sent to your email id after you press Cancel button. The amount that you receive on cancellation will depend on the policy that was issued to you at the time of printing the ticket.

Can I cancel selected seats in my booked ticket?
  Yes. This is possible. Please select the seats you wish to cancel and click on Cancel Selected in the Cancellation page.

Payments and refunds

What payment modes does YatraGenie accept?
  YatraGenie accepts all standard credit and debit cards when booking online. We will enable payment via Netbanking soon.

Are there any other means to book tickets with YatraGenie?
  Tickets can also be booked by paying cash in any of our branch offices mentioned in the "Contact Us" page. We will soon enable booking by phone. Please follow our site for updates.

How long are my seats held while I make the online payment?
  Once you are transferred from our application to the payment gateway, your seats will be held for 8 minutes. If you do not complete the payment within 10 minutes, the seats can be booked by someone else. If you lose your booking in this way after making payment, please contact our 24 X 7 support center and we will help you out.

How safe are online transactions with YatraGenie?
  Transactions on YatraGenie are done via 256 bit SSL encryption. This ensures total security for your payments. In addition, YatraGenie does not store or transmit your card information anywhere. All card information is given directly to the payment gateway to you. In addition, we proactively monitor all transactions on a daily basis to detect possible fraud.

How do I get my refund if the ticket is cancelled or the service is cancelled?
  In case of any refunds, the amount will be shared as a cash coupon sent to your email. This will be shared with you within 24 hours of the cancellation/refund. If you wish to receive a cash refund instead, please contact our 24 X 7 support center and they will help you get the refund credited to your account. This can take 7-10 working days depending on your bank's process.

What happens if I lost my cash coupon?
  In case of loss of coupon, we can reissue a duplicate coupon after verifying your credentials provided the coupon is not yet used. If the coupon is already used due to any mishandling or sharing of information from your side, we will not refund it.

Boarding and journey

Are there any specific rules/policies that I must be aware of before boarding the bus?
  Each operator's boarding process and policies are different. A few things to check before boarding are,
  • Check the baggage allowance with the operator.
  • Verify boarding time and be ahead of it. Remember, be early than sorry.
  • Make sure you select the correct boarding and drop off points at the time of ticket booking. If you need these to be changed, please call our 24 X 7 support center and we will help you out.
  • Each operator might have a list of banned items. Contact them to ensure you are not carrying any of them to avoid last minute hassles.

I wish to complain/comment about the journey and service provided by the operator. How do I do it?
  YatraGenie is not responsible for the final service provided by the operator. Any issues arising from deficient service from the operator have to be reconciled with the operator itself. However, we would love to hear from you regarding your experience to see if we can educate ourselves and the operators and serve you better. If you face any problem due to a faulty experience with our booking platform, we would be eager to remedy it.

Coupons and discounts

What are coupons and how can they be used?
  Coupons or percentage/cash discounts offered by either YatraGenie or the operator. They can be used at the time of payment to obtain the discount. The coupon code will be mailed to you or published by other means if you are a guest user. If you are a registered user, you will see a list of available coupons when you login to your account.

How long are the coupons valid?
  The validity of the coupon varies from case to case. Some coupons can be used only once while some can be used any number of times in a limited time period.

Can I share my coupon code with others?
  Sharing your discount coupon is at your discretion. However, YatraGenie will not refund any coupon that was lost due to misuse or a mistake on the customer's end. Some coupons that are tied to your email id or YatraGenie account cannot be used with any other email id/user account. So they might not work even when shared.

My coupon does not work. What do I do?
  While using the coupon, please ensure all conditions required for the coupon are met. Some coupons are valid only when the booking amount is above a certain amount or if the booking is made on a certain route or as a round trip. If despite matching all conditions laid out, a coupon does not work, please contact our 24 X 7 support center. We will be able to quickly remedy the problem for YatraGenie coupons. However, for operator coupons, there might be a delay involved as we might have to run verifications by the operator.

Other questions

I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
  We are eager to hear and learn from you. Call us at 1860-425-1234 or mail us at support@yatragenie.com.